Cloud Storage Tiering SDK

CloudTier Storage Tiering SDK (also Hierarchical Storage Management, HSM) is a data storage technique that automatically moves data between high-cost and low-cost storage media, is the automated progression or demotion of data across different tiers of storage devices and media. The CloudTier Storage Tiering SDK provides you an automatic way of managing and distributing data between the different storage, allows the automated data movement between the tiers of storage based on the defined rules and policies.

CloudTier Storage Tiering SDK was implemented with tiered storage file system filter driver. A file system filter driver intercepts requests targeted at a file system or another file system filter driver. With the ClooudTier Storage Tiering, you can connect the cloud storage as a second tier, integrating with the local on-premises storage, your application can use the cloud storage just like the local storage without any changes.

cloudtier storage tiering

CloudTier Transparent Storage Tiering SDK provides you a simple solution to develop the cloud archiving software for unstructured data, integrate your existing on-premises applications with the remote cloud storage infrastructure in a seamless, secure, and transparent fashion, it allows you to free up on-premises storage capacity, by moving out cooler data to the cloud storage, thereby reducing capital and operational expenditures.

Cloud archiving is the process of moving data to secondary storage in the cloud, the potential benefits of cloud archiving includes lower costs and easier access, no interruption and change to your existing applications and infrastructure. With the CloudTier Storage Tiering SDK, you can retrieve the archived data dynamically and return the data back to the application transparently, you can restore the archived file automatically and it is completely transparent to the application.

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